Our guide to keeping your drains clean and clear

Your home is your castle—a safe place where you can relax and experience life in real-time. With so many events, parties, milestones, and tasks to tend to, how often do you stop and think about your home’s plumbing and drains? Probably not too often, right? Before you stop reading and go back to scrolling Facebook, it’s time to STOP and listen—this information can save you time, hassle, and money down the road.

Think about the drains in your home right now. Can you picture them? You may be saying to yourself, “Sure, everything seems fine.” But what about the problems you CAN’T see?

Your drains are a major piece of your plumbing’s puzzle. One clog can cause a major headache. The solution is not always as easy as snaking the drain or pouring drain cleaner down into your sink. In fact, many DIY solutions actually cause larger problems down the road.

Our professional plumbing team at King Heating, Cooling & Plumbing is a phone call away for your drainage problems, no matter how big or small they may seem. Contact us for a free plumbing inspection here in Chicagoland.

For more plumbing and drain cleaning tips, check out our new infographic:

Tips for better drains

You’ve probably experienced a clogged sink or stopped-up shower drain. First, you notice water pooling around the bottom of the shower or sink. Then, you stoop down to inspect the problem and maybe move the drain cover out of the way. You might reach in with your fingers to try to scoop out any surface debris. Some homeowners even have a wire hanger to snake their own drains when things get tough. After more confusion and wasted time, the water is still gathering and the drain is not clearing up.

First things first—you should call a professional team to come out and take a look. While you’re waiting for the team to arrive, take a minute to review some preventative tips you can use to avoid clogged drains altogether:

  • Install drain catchers: These handy drain features can catch hair, dirt, and more, leaving your drains clearer than ever.
  • Don’t overwork your appliances or faucets: If you run your pipes and faucets 24/7, you’ll eventually experience some breakdowns. Be conscious of your water conservation efforts.
  • Schedule regular maintenance: Maintenance can be the difference between thousands of dollars spent on a burst pipe and peace of mind knowing your plumbing is being looked after.

What not to put down your sink

Here are a few items you should avoid putting down your sinks, toilets, or drains:

  • Sanitary napkins or feminine products
  • Harsh chemicals
  • Grease, lard, or fatty substances
  • Rice, eggshells, large amounts of food, or oil
  • Hair, especially in large amounts
  • Toys, jewelry, crayons, etc. (watch out for those kids!)
  • Cotton balls or paper towels
  • Orange or lemon rinds
  • Medicine

Rely on our professional team

Above all, you should use a professional team of plumbers who are experienced, friendly, and affordable. That doesn’t mean you should find the cheapest person to do the job—careful research is crucial when picking a team to come into your home and inspect your home systems. In between maintenance visits, you can take these tips and tricks into account and use them on your own drains. Stay proactive as a homeowner and take a closer look at what’s going down your drains.

Here in Chicagoland, King Heating, Cooling & Plumbing is the clear-cut choice for your plumbing service needs. We handle drain cleaning jobs throughout Chicago’s Southlands, including Oak Forest, Joliet, and Frankfort. Contact us for a free plumbing inspection.

For more information on plumbing or tips on how to care for your drains, check out this infographic our team created:

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