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Indoor Air Filter

Breather cleaner air in your home.

What is filtering your home’s air?

Did you know that the best filter in your home is your air conditioning/ heating system? It pulls dust, bacteria, viruses, allergens, contaminants and much more from the air every time you turn it on.

Did you know what the second best filter in your home is… your lungs!

The Environmental Protection Agency tells us that indoor air pollution is one of the top 5 environmental risks to public health. Indoor air quality has become such an issue that the EPA estimates that the air inside your home can be up to 70 times more polluted than air found outside. At King Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we are big fans of “buying a filter, instead of being a filter!”

Air filtration systems

We carry some of the best air filtration systems in the industry as well as a large assortment of air cleaning systems and filters. We’re proud to install these systems.

Air Cleaners

We carry the latest in air cleaning technology. Our air cleaning systems hook directly up to your heating/cooling system and will be of sight. Many people purchase stand alone air purifiers which can be very effective in small areas or single rooms, but they are not set up to handle your entire home. With an air cleaner installed on your system it will spread clean air every time your system kicks on, reaching your entire home.

Air Scrubbers

Many people think an air scrubber is a UV light system (the systems that kill germs that pass through the UV light and have been in use in hospitals for decades), but although there are a few similarities it acts completely different than a UV system.

A UV system destroys microorganisms that pass directly through it, but that is all they are designed to do. The new Air Scrubber system uses germicidal light waves that actually create enviro-scrubbing molecules that are sent into your home to clean and disinfect the surfaces of your home (up to 99%), as well as remove micro-organisms, allergens, odors and dust from the air you breath.

If you suffer from any of these common allergy or sickness symptoms, an air scrubber might be right for you:

  • Allergies
  • Skin Rash
  • Sinus Problems
  • Eye/Nose/Throat Irritation
  • Respiratory Irritation/Infections
  • Dizziness
  • Cough
  • Nausea
  • Chest Tightness
  • Vomiting
  • Household Odors
  • Immune System Deficiencies
  • Asthma
  • Headaches
  • For the first time, it is really possible to clean your home without ever lifting a finger. An Air Scrubber system will clean your house 24 hours a day, making your home cleaner, healthier and safer for you and your family.

    To learn more about air scrubbers and UV air filters, give us a call today.

    Air Filters

    There are many different types of filters to fit every customer’s needs and budgets. Here are a few of the more basic types:

    Generic Filter

    Generic filters are the filters that most people buy for their home. They are inexpensive, but are so for a reason. The general rule is if you can see through the filter… air, dust, bacteria, contaminants, almost anything will get through pretty easily. Again: you can buy a filter, or be a filter.

    Pleated Filter

    Washable filters are exactly what they sound like. They are much higher quality filters that instead of being replaced every month, you can simply wash them out. Since it is not disposable you can buy a high quality filter that pulls a large percentage of contaminants from the air and still makes sense financially. These filters are excellent for homes with smoking or pet odors, as well as anyone who has allergy issues or asthma.

    Electrostatic Filter

    Electrostatic Filters are non-disposable filters that run a small electrical charge through them. They give maximum air flow while still removing many of the allergens, odors, dust, bacteria and viruses that can exist in your home. Electrostatic filters are excellent for families with allergy issues, asthma issues or families that find themselves getting sick often.

    Air Purifier can be installed on any HVAC system.

    Join our Filter Club!

    Get the right filters, at the right price, at the right time. Join King’s Filter Club and escape the hassle of having to remember to replace your furnace and AC filters!

    With more than 10,000 different filters available, we’re sure to have the replacements you need, regardless of what heating, air conditioning, or air purification system you have. We stock filters for virtually every HVAC manufacturer and product, including replacement filters for high-end external filtration systems and purifiers. We even carry a variety of water and vacuum cleaner filters.

    Best of all, our prices are always competitive and you don’t have to spend time hunting them down for yourself.

    Membership Benefits

    Enjoy the benefits of being in King’s Filter Club without ever leaving home:

  • Get all the filters you need automatically delivered to your home
  • Choose the delivery schedule that is right for you
  • Eliminate the hassle of remembering when to change filers
  • Reduce your trips to home improvement or hardware stores
  • Stop worrying about getting the right size and quantities
  • Save energy and money with regular filter changes
  • Trust your HVAC professional to get you the proper filters at a reduced price
  • Breathe easier & save time, energy, and money

  • Having a clean filter lowers operating costs
  • With a new filter, equipment lasts longer and breaks down less often
  • Eliminate trips to search for filters at local retailers
  • Order online and receive automatic refills when filters need changing
  • Professional-grade filters sold only by the professionals
  • Get the full benefit of your heating and cooling system