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Boiler Repair & Replacement

Call us for 24/7 boiler repair.

Boiler Repair and Replacement in Chicago

Our experts can fix any issue

If your boiler malfunctions, contact our expert team at King. We offer round-the-clock emergency assistance, including weekends and holidays, at no additional cost. Whenever you require our services, reach out to us: we’re always ready to help.

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We offer 24/7 boiler repair in Chicago.

Having heating trouble? Call us.

  • 24/7 emergency service at no extra charge.
  • Friendly, certified technicians.
  • Backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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We’re here for all your boiler heating needs.

As part of a furnace tune-up call from a local customer, one of our technicians carries all their gear into a local home.

Boiler Repair

Facing issues with your heating system? Reach out to us anytime for our 24/7 service. We’ll dispatch one of our certified technicians to your home to examine your boiler or heat pump and ensure it’s functioning correctly again.


Boiler Maintenance

Ensure your boiler’s optimal performance and prevent breakdowns by having our team service it annually. A seasonal check-up in the fall will prepare your boiler for the upcoming winter months, enhancing its efficiency and reliability.


Boiler Replacement

If your boiler is aging or requires significant component replacement, it may be more practical to opt for a new system rather than repairing it. Our certified professionals will offer a comprehensive assessment and guide you with a well-informed decision.

Common Issues We See On Service Calls

Like any mechanical system, boilers are prone to certain common issues. Understanding these problems can help with early detection and prevention of more significant complications. Here are some of the most frequently boiler problems we encounter:

  • No Heat or Hot Water: This is the most direct and noticeable boiler problem. Potential causes could include broken diaphragms and airlocks, failure of motorized valves, issues with the thermostat, or low water levels.
  • Leaks and Drips: Leaking water from a boiler indicates an internal component failure, such as a pressure valve or pump seal. If the leak is coming from the pressure valve, it might be due to high boiler pressure. Our technician will be able to pinpoint the failure point as well as what may have caused it.
  • Strange Noises: Sounds like whistling, gurgling, or banging, often referred to as ‘kettling’, can be caused by air in the system, a faulty pump, low water pressure, or limescale accumulation on the boiler’s heat exchanger.
  • Pilot Light Goes Out: The pilot light could go out due to a broken thermocouple, deposits of soot blocking the gas supply, or a draught blowing the light out.
  • Low Boiler Pressure: If the boiler pressure is too low, it may not function properly. This can be caused by water leaks, a faulty pressure relief valve, or recently bled radiators. A technician will be able to address all of these issues.
  • Frozen Condensate Pipe: Modern boilers feature a condensate pipe that disposes of acidic water away from the boiler. During extremely cold weather, this pipe can freeze, causing blockages and leading to boiler failure.
  • Thermostat Issues: Over time, thermostats can become inaccurate or lose their efficiency, resulting in irregular or no heating and hot water.
  • Radiators Not Heating Up: If radiators are not heating up or only warming up partially, it could be due to sludge or air build-up in the system. This issue can often be resolved by bleeding the radiators or flushing the system. Our technicians will be able to properly fix this issue.
  • Boiler Keeps Switching Off: This could be caused by several issues, such as low water pressure, a blocked condensate pipe, air in the system, or a faulty thermostat. Further diagnosis would be necessary to pin-point the cause.

Regular maintenance by a qualified technician is the best way to ensure the longevity and efficiency of a boiler system, reducing the likelihood of unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs.


“Amazing service! Even called ahead of time so I knew when they were on the way. Definitely will be using again and recommending to others!”

“King has been handling my HVAC needs for almost 20 years. They are great to work with and their techs are friendly and informative!”

Royal Treatment Plan

Regular maintenance of your boiler is crucial to prevent the need for early replacement. This inspired us to develop the King Royal Treatment Plan. By enrolling, you’ll gain priority service, discounts on all repairs, and numerous other benefits!

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all our services, including boiler repair in Chicago. Your comfort is our top concern, so we ensure that you don’t pay until the job is done! At King, our commit

Our straightforward process


We’re ready 24/7, at no extra charge

We ensure no additional charges for weekend or evening services, and our 24/7 availability guarantees prompt response to your boiler repair needs. Don’t hesitate to call us immediately for efficient heating repair.


We’ll send our technician out to your home

For boiler repair services in Chicago, get in touch with us. Our technicians will notify you approximately 10-15 minutes before their arrival at your location. You’ll recognize them as they arrive in distinctly marked King vehicles.


Our tech will inspect your boiler system

Once our technician discusses the issue with you to understand the situation, they will inspect your boiler. Their goal is to swiftly and precisely identify the problem at hand.


We’ll provide you with an upfront estimate

After determining which component of your boiler requires repair or replacement, our technician will offer you a transparent and upfront cost estimate. We’re also here to respond to any additional questions you may have.


We will start working on the repair

Each of our technicians is a certified, seasoned professional well-versed in handling boilers and various types of heating systems. In most instances, they are equipped to carry out immediate repairs on site.


We ensure your boiler is working effectively

Lastly, before our technician departs, we will conduct several diagnostic checks to confirm that your boiler is operating efficiently and effectively. Additionally, our work comes with the assurance of our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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