What is the furnace coil, and what are things that can go wrong with it?

A furnace breakdown in the dead of a Chicagoland winter is nothing short of a nightmare for any homeowner. That’s one of the reasons we recommend our professional furnace tune-up in the fall before winter starts. In this blog post, we’re going to review an often-overlooked furnace component, the furnace coil, and why it matters to your system.

What is the furnace coil?

Also known as the “A Coil,” the furnace coil is an important component of your system that is either installed inside the furnace or as part of the air handler. The coil serves as a heat exchanger that produces warm air inside the furnace.

When the electric or gas burner coils activate, the heat exchanger heats the air that is pushed through the ducts by the blower fans.

Why is cleaning the coil so important?

As the system ages and goes without maintenance, dust and dirt can accumulate on the coil, preventing effective heating and causing your system to become less energy-efficient. As the air passages of the coil are blocked, the heating will get noticeably less effective.

In cases where the coil is so covered in dirt and dust to be nearly completely blocked, the airflow to the system will likely be blocked, causing your furnace to overheat. Your furnace does have a temperature failsafe that will kick in to shut off the system, but you’ll need to call King for our 24/7 furnace repair.

Apart from dust, another obstruction of the coil can be in the form of mold. The dark and warm environment of the coil serves as the ideal breeding ground for a mold infestation.

Airborne molds can enter the return ducts and invade the coil, spawning a thriving mold colony on and around the coil that will restrict airflow. The dried mold residue will clog the coil thereby substantially reducing the airflow and degrading the effectiveness of the furnace—not to mention your indoor air quality.

Heating maintenance matters

The evaporator coil needs to be kept cleaned at all times. It’s important that you have the coil cleaned by a professional technician from King Heating, Cooling & Plumbing.

If dirt and dust are allowed to accumulate on the coil, it will not just lead to reduced effectiveness of the heating system, but also higher heating bills and—possibly—a system breakdown.

Call King and get help from expert technicians

You should never try to service the furnace coil yourself. The coils are sealed inside the furnace and are not easily accessible. Trying to clean the coil on your own puts you in extreme danger of an electric shock. Also—and this is true for any type of DIY HVAC repair—you can inadvertently damage the system if you try to repair the system yourself.

Our advice? Let our experts handle your furnace repair and maintenance—including cleaning your condenser coil. Contact King today for 24/7 repair.

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