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Air duct cleaning from King can really improve your home’s air quality

Your need regular air duct cleaning from a professional company. King Heating and Cooling is your source for superior air duct services, including a full-service cleaning that removes all dust and grime. In this post, we’ll review why air duct cleaning is so important.

Thought about your home’s air ducts lately?

When your air conditioner needs service, you’ll know it because you’re no longer getting cooling comfort during the summer. When your furnace goes out, you’ll be aware of it because your house will start to get chilly in the winter months, especially here in Chicago. When your air ducts need service, however, how do you know?

Your home’s air ducts are likely out-of-sight, out-of-mind. After all, in most homes, they’re hidden behind walls, above ceilings, and in attics. Yet, just as you regularly vacuum and clean the areas of your home that you live in, you should also have your air ducts cleaned. Think about the dust, dirt, and pet hair that accumulates around your living spaces every month. Now, add outdoor pollutants and—potentially—mold to that list, and you can imagine what your home’s air ducts look like after a while.

Why should I schedule air duct cleaning?

Do you know exactly what’s in your home’s air? That’s kind of a trick question: how could you? Most airborne materials and contaminants are invisible to the naked eye. From bacteria to dust, it’s hard to know what you’re breathing in—without an air quality test from the professionals at King, that is.

Not only could a buildup of materials and contaminants impact your home’s air, but it could have a range of other effects, including:

Lowered energy efficiency

As dust and other materials begin to build up in air ducts, they restrict the otherwise unimpeded movement of cooled and heated air from one space to another in your home, resulting in lowered energy efficiency. Don’t spend more on your energy bills than you have to. Instead, schedule an air duct cleaning with King Heating and Cooling.

Less musty odors

Has your home been smelling musty or stale, no matter how often you open the windows to pull in fresh air? If so, the problem might be hidden away in your air ducts. Professional air duct cleaning can help identify the source of odors and deal with them, leading to fresh-smelling air, all day long. That’s something you can breathe in deep.

Reduced allergens

Yes, among everything else that could be hiding in your home’s air ducts are allergens, from pet dander to various types of pollen. Without cleaning and treatment, your spring is going to feature a lot of sneezing and watery eyes in your home—which should be your one place of refuge from allergy problems.

What else can I do to improve indoor air quality?

Air duct cleaning is a great first step, but if you really want to get serious about great indoor air quality, King offers several solutions for clearing the air. First, there’s a wide range of filters that you can use, from ones that need to regularly replaced to some that can be washed and reused, over and over again. When filters aren’t enough, we also install various air purification systems that clean and purify the air entering your home through a variety of methods. If you’re highly sensitive to allergens or want to prevent things like bacteria or viruses from living in your home’s air, an air purifier might be a perfect match for your home.

It can be distressing to learn the air you breathe inside your home may be worse than the air outside. Thankfully, a quality air duct cleaning from King Heating, Cooling & Plumbing can help improve your IAQ (indoor air quality), making it easier for you to breathe while inside your home.

To schedule your air duct cleaning here in Chicagoland, contact your friends at King.

Here’s why indoor air quality matters

Your home’s previous owner may have been lax in duct cleaning

Depending on your home’s previous owner, she or he may not have done a great job of keeping it clean. That means there’s no telling what may be up there that you and your family are breathing in. Duct cleaning allows you to inhale and exhale with ease and confidence that the air isn’t just dust and other contaminants blowing around in an endless, trapped loop.

Pests can leave behind contaminants

If you’ve ever had cockroaches, mice, or other pests in your home, they may have moved through your ducts and left behind a little gift. Droppings and other contaminants can linger long after the pest has gone, leaving you with yet another infestation to deal with—and some nasty, foul-smelling indoor air to breathe in.

Mold and mildew may be lurking in your ducts

Homes that have moisture issues are likely to have mold and mildew issues, as well. Musty smells that seem to have no source could be coming from your vents due to mildew or mold growing inside. These contaminants can do more damage to your healthy than just simply making it hard to breathe, so take care of them as soon as possible.

Your air filters may be clogged

Over time, your HVAC system’s air filters can become clogged with trapped dirt and debris.

Dust, pollen, and the like can blow through your ducts and out your vents into the air you breathe. It’s best to have your filters cleaned at the same time as when you clean your ducts to truly take care of the issue.

Reduce unnecessary spending

If it turns out that it’s your ductwork that’s making it hard for you to breathe, you may visit your doctor or buy medicine to feel better. Your doctor and a prescription may make you feel better, but—in our book—your money is better spent on a final solution rather than temporary relief.

Improve your IAQ by calling King

Do you feel like your breathing is restricted when you’re in your house? Know that the experts of King Heating, Cooling & Plumbing offer professional air duct cleaning. Contact us to learn more about the many benefits of having your ducts professionally cleaned by NATE-certified technicians.

Why should I choose King for this service?

King is a trusted heating and cooling company that serves Chicago’s South Side communities. We’re HVAC experts, and that doesn’t just mean the air conditioning unit and the furnace. We know our way around the entire system, including the air ducts, and our technicians are experienced at proper air duct cleaning. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all the work we do, and you can expect our team to be honest and be able to share with you information about what your ducts look like.

To schedule your air duct cleaning this fall, give King a call at (708) 315-2168. We look forward to working with you and making your home’s air more breathable.