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Tips for Keeping Your Air Conditioner Running


A working air conditioning system brings improved air quality and a conducive indoor environment during the hot summer. You can maintain perfect temperatures in every room and achieve a more comfortable atmosphere, ideal for a good night’s sleep. Getting an AC is undoubtedly a wise decision for the season.

However, as you enjoy the fantastic atmosphere away from nuisance insects, it’s good to keep your AC in check to avoid a possible breakdown that can be costly. Here are some quick tips for keeping your air conditioner running smoothly.

Keep the Outdoor Condenser Clean

Professional air conditioning maintenance is necessary, but that doesn’t rule out your role in simple maintenance practices like cleaning. The outdoor condenser is one of the most critical parts of an air conditioning system, which primarily serves to release the absorbed warm air out of your home. It means a lot in terms of the overall AC’s efficiency, so you need to ensure it’s running perfectly.

All you may need to do is ensure the condenser stays clean. Being the outdoor part of your system means it is exposed to everything unwanted from dust, leaves, and debris. Spare some time to wipe out the dust and remove any leaves, tree limbs, and debris that may be accumulating. If possible, make this part of your maintenance routine.

Clean the Air Ducts

Clogged air ducts with dust, dirt, or mold could come between a smooth airflow into your home. While this should not be part of your routine cleaning, it’s necessary, especially if you detect something unusual. It could be a strange smell, discoloration from dust or dust making its way in, visible mold, or even noises from the ducts.

You will always find some dirt on the ducts, but you should clean them on certain occasions to avoid causing damage. You can clean the areas within reach without going too deep or letting too much of it in your indoor air. However, if you wish for a complete duct cleaning, consider getting a professional air conditioner cleaning service to do it for you. If you think the moisture drain line is also blocked, it can be a perfect time to unblock it.

Clean Air Filters

Clean air filters minimize the chances of dirt finding its way into the vents. They are the part of the air conditioner responsible for ensuring clean air in your home by preventing the vents from getting clogged with dust and debris that may eventually find their way into your home.
Dirty filters not only compromise your indoor air quality but the maximum efficiency of your AC as well. Ideally, you need to replace the air filter periodically, but it’s good to have it cleaned or replaced before the hot season begins. Besides, cleaning air filters is a simple air conditioning maintenance practice that you can handle by yourself.

Keep Your Thermostat Away from Appliances

Your home thermostat serves primarily to control when your HVAC is on. Most thermostats have displays that indicate the current room temperature and allow you to set your desired heat level in the room. Once your desired temperature is achieved, the thermostat will keep the room in check and know when to activate the system again.

As a result, keeping the thermostat close to appliances undermines its ability to read temperatures correctly, meaning it will not run appropriately. Home appliances emit heat, so placing the thermostat close to them leaves the impression that the room requires more cooling than it does, which can overwork the system. Keeping it in icy temperatures will also potentially overwork your AC as it tries to heat the room and, at the same time, create an unconducive environment.

Keep Your Windows Covered

Keeping your windows open has the same effect as the appliances heating your room. With the summer sunlight peeping through, your home warms up by a considerable number of degrees, forcing your AC to keep working harder.

If you are leaving for the day, make sure you draw the curtains and leave the blinds closed to keep the day’s heat from entering your home. It ensures the coolness gets retained, but you can uncover the curtains and open the windows later in the day to allow the fresh evening breeze for more comfort at night.

Besides, keeping the windows closed during the day also helps to minimize dust and insects finding their way into your apartment.

Tighten the Belts

Your air conditioning unit includes belts that run the fans circulating air in and out of your home. Over time, the straps could loosen or even wear out as they age, causing your AC to shut. While you might have a schedule for replacing the belts, checking them regularly and tightening them up can help avoid unexpected breakdowns.

Inspect Your Unit

The summer is here, meaning your AC will be in for heavy lifting. Consider a professional inspection if you are serious about keeping it running to the end. A professional inspection service will check for efficiency, safety, and cleanliness, plus they will also handle any air conditioning repair that may be necessary.

The professional service typically encompasses checking all safety components, your system’s cooling efficiency, and electrical components like the cabling. The inspection goes a long way in preventing a breakdown on a sweltering day.

Summing Up

Even with the best maintenance practices, an AC cannot last a lifetime. However, you can prolong its life significantly by ensuring each air conditioning repair is left in the hands of qualified technicians like King Heating, Cooling & Plumbing. Such professionals provide outstanding HVAC services, including air conditioning repair. You can handle the minor maintenance routines, but a professional service will help you with both the expertise and the tools.

Finally, know when it is time for a replacement. HVAC systems can last way over ten years, but you need to know when replacing is necessary. If yours has been running for more than 15 years, replacing it may be preferable to keep your home cool in the coming summer.