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Should I Adjust My Thermostat If I Leave My House?

74 degrees on the thermostat

Thermostat Adjustment

Your main energy costs come from your HVAC system. If you turn off the system before leaving your home, you will return to a cold or hot house. The good news is that you can reduce energy costs without compromising your comfort just by adjusting your thermostat before you leave your house.

Why the Internal Temperature Should Remain Constant

By keeping the internal temperature constant, you can maintain the internal temperature of your home. This is how it works. When your HVAC is on, heat from the furnace travels from a region of higher concentration to low concentration.

The amount of heat needed to maintain a set warm temperature in the hot region also includes the heat leaked to the other end. In other words, heat loss will be faster if the temperature difference between the two points is also high.

Similarly, if the internal temperature of your home is higher on the inside than outside, more energy will leak out. Your energy bill will rise since your HVAC system will struggle to maintain that balance.

How to Set Your Thermostat for Vacations

If you will only be away from your home for a couple of hours, adjusting the thermostat will not benefit you much. It depends on how long you will be away from home.

Don’t Adjust if…

If you wish to return home in less than 4 hours, you won’t save much money by adjusting your thermostat. You can save money on your energy bill when the thermostat is set to offset the energy it takes to bring the temperature back to normal when you return.

Adjust if…

If you will be away from home for more than four hours, adjust the temperature via your thermostat by 5 degrees higher in the summer and vice versa for winter. Do this if you are going away for the weekend or a longer vacation.

Go For Programmable Thermostats

Outdated thermostats have a dial that must be set to maintain a specific temperature. On the other hand, programmable thermostats have a large digital display complete with a touchscreen. You can select a preferred temperature on the latter easily.

This is why programmable thermostats can help you save a lot of money down the line. For example, you can turn off the air conditioner if you have to spend a few more hours than anticipated outside. You can also program the thermostat to adjust the temperature and keep it minimal.

In other words, you don’t have to remember that you need to adjust the temperature before leaving for your vacation. You can also set your thermostat to kick back into gear at a specific time so you can come home to toasty rooms.

Invest In Smart Thermostats

Unlike traditional thermostats, smart ones learn the temperature you and your family members prefer as per the adjustments you make. With time, it can adjust to those temperatures automatically without external input as per the room you are in.

The smart thermostat will also turn off by itself when you leave the house. This can save you a lot of money and let you know how much energy you are using. If you have a smart thermostat, you can also adjust your home’s temperature while you are on vacation.

This could come in handy if you forgot to turn off the heating or cooling before you left the house, or if you want to turn them back on before your return. You only need your smartphone, laptop, or tablet to do this. These thermostats can ensure your system doesn’t have to work as hard, which may otherwise increase your energy bill.

On the other hand, even though smart thermostats are feature-rich compared to programmable ones, they are also more expensive. The one you choose should depend on your needs and budget.

What You Should Do Before Your Trip

Before you leave for vacations, follow these tips to ensure your HVAC system operates at optimal levels:

●Do not turn off the system completely. It should be running at the lowest setting to prevent humidity or the cold from entering your home. If you are away during the summer, set it no higher than 85 degrees. On the other hand, if you are away for the winter, set it no lower than 50 degrees. If you have pets in the house, the temperature should be lower or higher accordingly.

●Close the blinds or curtains over your windows before you leave the house. This will block the outside cold or hot temperatures from affecting the internal temperature. If your home gets warmer or colder behind your back, your HVAC system will have to work extra hard to maintain the set temperature, increasing your energy bill.

●Change the air filter before you leave for vacation. As mentioned before, anything that makes your HVAC system work harder than it should is just racking up your energy bill. A dirty air filter will block airflow from your furnace and circulate dirty air around your house. If you return home and start sneezing and coughing, chances are your filters need to be replaced.

●Schedule an appointment with HVAC maintenance services before your trip. That way, you can ensure your system will work properly when you are away. You will be able to save money and return to a warm or cool home. It will also prevent your pipes from freezing in the winter.

Contact King Heating for Regular Maintenance

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