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Does a new air conditioner add value to your home?

Are you ready to upgrade to a brand-new air conditioner this summer? When it comes to an air conditioner and home value, it can be difficult to determine the best option for your financial situation. At King Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we have all the information you need.

Understanding everything that goes into adding an air conditioner to your home can help you determine whether this service will add value to your home or not. Find out if you can benefit from an upgrade to your cooling system to beat the heat this year.

Consider your location

One of the first factors to consider is your location. Homes with a mild summer may not need as large of an air conditioner. This means that you won’t be paying as much for your air conditioner, but it also means that you won’t be using it as much. This can make it less worthwhile of an investment.

Your climate is part of your location, but there are many other factors to consider. For instance, consider the amount of shade and natural light on your home.

There’s a lot to consider when looking for a new air conditioner. That’s why we recommend you call us for a free in-home estimate here in Chicago and Northwest Indiana. We’ll help you find the AC unit that’s right for your home or condo.

Compare the cost of repair with replacement costs

What’s wrong with your current air conditioner? If you already have a central air conditioning system, even a damaged one, get a repair quote from our team before you invest in a new system. Compare the cost and efficiency differences and work with a reliable contractor to find out whether the replacement cost is worth it or not.

Our team can tell you more about your cooling options

Today’s central air conditioning systems come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and SEER ratings. Compare a conventional central air system with a ductless air conditioner to find the best option for your home. Here are some factors to consider when comparing these options:

  • — Size of your home
  • — Your climate
  • — Your home’s existing ductwork

A qualified contractor can evaluate your home and compare the cost of each cooling system. For some homeowners, a ductless unit will be far more energy-efficient. Larger central air systems are more effective at rapidly and consistently cooling large spaces.

Once you’ve settled on a system, ask about thermostat options. Some air conditioners have multiple fan speeds and other special features that increase their energy efficiency. Choose a programmable thermostat to save money on your utility bills while you’re away from home.

Talk to a locally trusted HVAC installation team about your options

Don’t pay extra this summer or suffer with uncomfortable home temperatures. Contact us at King Heating, Cooling & Plumbing today to schedule a free in-home estimate and review your air conditioning options with one of our NATE-certified technicians. Beat the coming summer heat and enjoy cool temperatures for years to come with our installation service.