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Why the Infinity 98 Is the Best Carrier Furnace

When you need a new heating and cooling system in Chicago, call your Carrier Factory-Authorized Dealer at King.

Whether you need a new furnace installed or are looking for the best options for a friend, the Infinity 98 should be at the top of your list. Available at Carrier, the furnace is considered to be one of the most innovative heating tools ever made and for several good reasons.

Best Features

Some of the features that make this Carrier furnace stand out include the following:

Modulating Gas Valve

The Infinity 98 boasts a modulating gas valve designed to deliver the ideal heating capacity if the system also has Infinity control. By adjusting the heating output in 1% increments, this furnace can match your comfort needs accurately.

In other words, you won’t have to struggle with the thermostat if you have this furnace powering your HVAC. Most furnaces only offer one or two heating stages and have to restart to reduce the temperature, which can increase your energy bill.

Smart Comfort Control

The furnace features Infinity control and the Infinity control board, which means you have maximum control over its heat output. The system is designed to evaluate different functions and adjusts performance to optimize functionality.

The patented ComfortFan technology allows users to adjust fan speeds and SmartEvap control, which regulates moisture. In other words, you can ensure the humidity and temperature of your home remain at comfortable levels.

Quiet Operation

Unlike older models that are loud enough to wake the dead, the Infinity 98 is known for its quiet operation. The variable-speed blower starts at the lowest possible setting and can heat a room sufficiently.

Low Gas Consumption

The Infinity 98 has two heat exchangers that extract heat from the consumed gas. The primary one does most of the heavy work. The secondary heat exchanger pulls additional heat from other elements to increase efficiency and provide a sustainable temperature.

Greenspeed Intelligence

Carrier’s Infinity 98 furnace stands out because of its Greenspeed Intelligence. It combines variable-speed technology with Infinity Intelligence to provide 99% heating and intelligent temperature control and high comfort levels. When these elements work together, you get little to no temperature swings and a low electricity bill.

Hybrid Heat Dual Fuel System

Utility bills can increase without warning, which is bad news for homeowners on a budget. The Hybrid Heat dual fuel system in the Infinity 98 furnace ensures this doesn’t happen. Along with an electric heat pump and Infinity control, the heating system switches automatically between gas and electricity, which in turn saves energy while keeping your home comfortable during the winter.

98% AFUE Rating

Besides the features mentioned above, the Infinity 98 furnace also stands out because of its impressive 98% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating. This rating measures the efficiency of a furnace, i.e. how much heat it can produce. For example, a furnace with an 80% AFUE produces 20% of waste gas while the rest goes into heating your home.

The measurement is legitimate. It was produced by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) and is used as a standard of measurement for such devices. The fact that 98% is the highest rating they give speaks volumes about Infinity 98’s heating efficiency. This also means that it pays for itself in the long run by reducing your energy bill.

Who Needs The Infinity 98 Furnace?

The Infinity 98 furnace is ideal for homeowners:

●Who want to enjoy consistent temperatures throughout their home.

●Want to eliminate cold spots during the winter. The variable-speed blower and gas valve can ensure this.

●Have a zoned home, i.e. properties with substantial temperature discrepancies between floors or rooms that are too far from ducts to get warm enough for their comfort. The Infinity 98 can run for hours at a time, which means it can warm up your whole house quickly.

●Want to replace their AC and furnace. This model is designed to pair with Carrier’s communicating air conditioner, which can work with the brand’s thermostat.

●They want to live in their current home with their families for at least five years. While the model is a bit more expensive than others in the market, it makes up for its fuel efficiency. Get it installed in place of an old furnace and see for yourself.

●Who have faulty ductwork. In this case, hot air has a more challenging time reaching some rooms, leading to cold spots. The variable-speed motor and modulating gas valve of the Infinity 98 will ensure this doesn’t happen.

●Who have a dry house. The modulating gas valve of the Infinity 98 ensures the furnace doesn’t burn humidity to the point that your indoor air becomes dry. It can maintain 50% humidity which is the perfect level. At this level, the air doesn’t feel scorched.

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All of our trained technicians are HVAC certified. We also offer a wide range of quality furnaces, such as Carrier’s Infinity 98, which we can install for you if you want. So, whether you need the HVAC system checked out or finalize a maintenance schedule, get in touch with us today!