Choose the Best Air Conditioning Repair Chicago Service

You are probably reading this because your air conditioner is no longer working. If you want to save time, skip reading this article, and just hire the best air conditioning repair Chicago company.

Are you still here, do you need more information and advice? Good, consider a few things. There are several reasons you should consider repairing your AC unit as soon as it breaks. A broken air conditioning unit can have a dire effect on your health and home comfort.

Regular maintenance is something that can be of much help to you. Timely check-ups will decrease the total maintenance costs and lengthen the life of your AC unit. If you have your AC unit repaired by a qualified technician swiftly, you’ll be making a really smart investment. What follows are some tips on when you need to consider hiring a good air conditioning repair Chicago company.

Air quality

A broken AC unit can work out the internal air at a sub-optimal quality level. Some of its internal components may not work as intended or get past their use date (for instance, the air filters). This can lead to the introduction of pollutants, allergens, unwanted odors, excessive and uncomfortable moisture or dryness, uneven cooling across the home and other negative effects.

A broken AC unit can have many negative effects on your daily life

Pollutants and allergens can cause allergies and other ill effects on you and your family. Excessive moisture can negatively affect electronics, food, organic objects (such as documents), plant life, human and pet respiratory systems… The same is true for extreme dryness – it can cause irritation in the lungs and eyes. Uneven cooling and unwanted odors add to an unpleasant experience whenever you or someone else is in the home.

Your AC probably doubles as a heating unit that you use during the winter. Chicago has practically the same high level of humidity all year long – around 70%. High humidity means shorter decay times on internal parts. It also means perfect conditions for developing bacterial colonies.

So, if you want to avoid these conditions, it is of crucial importance to react immediately when you suspect something is not right with your AC unit. You should also schedule regular maintenance checks to make sure it is running at its most optimal.

We, at King Heating & Cooling, handle both ad hoc and regular maintenance interventions on your air conditioning. We want to make sure your AC unit works as it should and keeps your health and your family’s health intact.

Air Conditioning Repair Chicago Services and costs

If you haven’t had your AC unit inspected in a while, you should definitely consider doing it ASAP. Regular maintenance can ensure the unit is in prime condition, so that it can maintain the air quality and temperature most efficiently, disable any offensive noises, and keep costs manageable.

If you have neglected the health of your AC system so much that it’s now broken, the repair can cost you even more than regular maintenance activities. When something inside the unit is disabled or broken, it can wreak havoc on other components, thus increasing the total cost of repair and replacement.

We have seen AC systems become obsolete because of a single broken rotor that destroyed internal electrics. Irregular maintenance can also render your warranty void.

Don't neglect your AC unit's health

To help you with your AC unit, we already mentioned that we offer $50 off any repair service this summer. But, what’s even better, we also have the King Royal Treatment Plan. This plan works when signing a 1, 2 or 3 year agreement, and lets you save up to $40 on tune-up costs alone, per year!

The King Royal Treatment Plan includes:

  • Priority service;
  • Comfort Today or You Don’t Pay Guarantee;
  • One year warranty on workmanship;
  • Discounts on work and (new) equipment;
  • Transfer of equipment warranty;
  • 15% discount on all repairs;
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee.

As you can see, signing a regular maintenance contract can keep costs down and ensure the quality of your AC system 365 days a year.

Driving down noise

The condition of the AC unit’s internal parts, especially moving parts, steadily depreciates over time. Some of them can introduce unwanted noise inside your home. Noise pollution can have an ill effect on your mood, induce irritability, mood swings and hamper your ability to focus. You might learn to tolerate such sounds, but it will affect yours and your family’s comfort negatively in a cumulative manner.

We can deal with such situations, too. King Heating & Cooling can repair the parts that create unwanted noise and make your AC system silently buzz and cool your home again.

Our prices and quality are great

The air conditioning repair market in Chicago is highly competitive. This drives prices down while increasing the quality of service. That’s great news for you – the customer. In that regard, let us remind you that we offer great discounts to remain competitive at all times.

However, you should always be aware that not all Chicago companies operate at our high level. When choosing the right air conditioning repair Chicago company, make sure you pay attention to the following details:

  • Check out the reputation of the potential company you’d be dealing with;
  • Check whether they have the necessary licenses;
  • Get a detailed written proposal – companies that refuse to give it should be avoided;
  • Demand equipment and labor warranties;
  • Ask for advice on how to most optimally use your AC unit for a long time;
  • Actually read the contract you are about to sign;
  • Get more than one detailed estimate of the repairs.

Even though now is probably the perfect time to get an AC unit repair or maintenance check, be cautious. If you’re even considering hiring one of the novice companies, do your research first. We’re talking about your health, money and your family’s well-being, right?

Our company, King Heating & Cooling, was founded in 1968 – that’s close to 50 years of experience. Couple that with our special one-year guarantee for tune ups, and the $50 discount on any repair and tune up service, and you can rest assured that we are bent on serving you and ensuring you get the best air conditioning repair Chicago has to offer.

Benefits of an Energy Efficient Air Conditioning Installation

Have your cooling bills been sky high this summer? Don’t jump to blaming the electric company right away, your bills might be soaring through the roof because your air conditioning unit is having to work harder to cool your home than is has in summers past. In other words, the older your air conditioner becomes the less efficient it is. The parts and equipment that used to run great, now lag behind. Besides higher cooling bills, you will also notice an inconsistency in cooling around your home. One room might be freezing while the others are slightly cooled. Also, you might be having to set your thermostat lower and lower just to reach the desired cooling temperature in your home. If you are experiencing any of these signs, it might be time to check into an energy efficient air conditioning installation.

Top Benefits of an Energy Efficient AC Unit

1. Lower Energy Bills

While the thought of having a new energy efficient air conditioner installed in your home is an investment up front, in the long run, it is likely to save you money. Heating and cooling costs make up 50% of your home’s entire energy bill. Those costs are known to significantly reduce in the 1st month, sometime even by up to 1/3!

2. Fewer Repairs

When your air conditioning unit is operating at a higher level of efficiency, it’s not having to work harder that necessary to cool your home. This means that the equipment will remain in better condition and need less repair work over time. This is also a bonus because it means more savings for you!!


3. Longer Lifespan

In addition to fewer needed repairs, your higher efficiency air conditioning unit will also have the benefit of a longer life span since it will not have to work as an older and less efficient unit does. You want your investment toward an air conditioning installation to last as long as possible and with the proper yearly maintenance and tune-ups, your efficient air conditioning unit could last up to 20 years.

4. Rebates and Incentives

Depending on which state you live in, there may be rebates and incentives available for installing a new energy efficient air conditioner. Make sure to do research on the rebates and incentives available in your area. Or you can ask you local HVAC professionals. They should be well informed on these types of programs to help you with some of the up front costs.

5. Environmentally Friendly

By having an energy efficient air conditioning unit installed, you will be doing your part to help the environment. You might even look for more ways to make your home more energy efficient!

How is Energy Efficiency Determined?

When it comes to an air conditioning unit, the level of energy efficiency is determined by the unit’s SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.) The higher the SEER Rating, the more energy efficient the unit is. The minimum SEER Rating for AC units is 14 but they can go all of the way up to a 23 rating. This is something to take into consideration when purchasing your new AC unit. The higher the SEER Rating, the more energy efficient your unit will be saving you even more money on cooling costs.

How to Help Your AC’s Efficiency

In addition to purchasing an air conditioning unit with a higher efficiency, there are things that you can do to help your air conditioner become even more efficient. By taking a few simple steps, you will be helping to further reduce your cooling costs, protect your air conditioning unit from needing frequent repairs, and extending the overall life of your unit.

  • Inspect your Air Ducts: If your air ducts have gaps that cause cool air to be lost before it even gets to your home, then your air conditioning unit is having to work harder to compensate for all of that lost cool air. By inspecting your air duct system and having them cleaned regularly, you will ensure that the cool air that your AC produces will be reaching your home with maximum efficiency.

Air Duct Cleaning

  • Keep Up with Regular Maintenance: Just like a vehicle, your air conditioning unit needs regular maintenance and tune-ups. It is suggested that your unit receives annual maintenance to ensure it is running at optimal levels.
  • Have a Programmable Thermostat Installed: A programmable thermostat will give you more control over the temperature in your home during specified times throughout the day. For instance if you want to set your thermostat to a higher temperature during the day when no one is home, you can program in those hours and the temperature will automatically adjust.


  • Other Ways to Keep your Home Cool: There are other ways that you can rely on to cool your home besides putting the full responsibility on your air conditioning unit. By adopting habits such as closing all curtains and blinds during the hottest part of the day and using fans to help cool off a room will take some of the pressure off of your air conditioning unit.
  • Replace Air Filters: During the hottest months when your air conditioner is being used the most consistently it is important to pay attention to your unit’s air filters. They can get dirty and clogged quickly making your unit less efficient. If is recommended that during the peak months, your air conditioner is replaced every 30-60 days.
  • Clear Your Vents: By making sure that the vents that introduce the cool air into your home are exposed and unobstructed, the cool air produced by your air conditioning unit will be allowed to freely flow into your home.

Professional Air Conditioning Installation in Chicago, IL

For more information on energy efficient air conditioning units and to speak with professional HVAC experts, give us a call at King Heating and Cooling. Our NATE Certified technicians install all makes and models of AC units and will come to your home to help you decide on the best options for your home. With our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee you are sure to be happy with your results!


When is the Right Time for Air Conditioning Replacement

Sometimes its difficult to let things go. We like to hold on to things as long as possible to make sure that we get every bit of use out of it. This even applies to Air Conditioning units. When it comes time for replacement, it’s often difficult to determine what time is the right time to let go of the old and make way for the new. So how do you determine whether of not it’s the right time to consider replacing your old air conditioning unit- that is before it stops working completely, that one is kind of a given. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to wrap your head around whether it’s time to replace your air conditioning unit or if you can hold on to your current ac for a few more years.

Air Conditioning Replacement. Is it the right time?

Ask yourself these questions to help gain some insight on whether of not it is time to replace your air conditioning unit. By answering these questions, you will be able to make a more informed and educated decision when it comes to investing in a new ac unit.

How old is your current a/c unit?

The age of your current A/C unit is one of the biggest determining factors when considering replacement. The average unit has a lifespan of 12-15 years. If you get 15 years of cooling power out of your air conditioning unit, consider that a successful life! If your a/c is reaching it’s elderly years and just doesn’t have the same pizzaz that it used to, it might be time to consider a replacement.



However, if it is getting up there in age but still works just fine, you might be able to get more time out of it before a replacement is needed. Before you decide to replace your a/c or hold onto it for a few more years, consider it’s age and determine how many more good years it might have left.

Has your a/c needed a lot of repair work?

Looking back at your air conditioner’s history will give you a better picture of it’s future. Does it seem like your a/c has needed to under-go repair work year after year? Has it had a lot of unforeseen problems that have popped up? If your a/c unit has had a difficult life, it’s not likely to suddenly get easier as time goes on. The amount of repair work done on an air conditioning unit will help you to get a glimpse into it’s future and see what the road ahead might look like. If that road looks like it’s full of repairs, expenses, and an a/c that keeps breaking down, an air conditioning replacement might be the way to go.

How is your a/c currently working?

Take an inventory of your air conditioning unit’s status. Here are some ways to recognize if your air conditioner is working properly.

  • The temperature in your home remains at the optimum temperature without a lot of fluctuation.
  • The rooms throughout your home are being evenly cooled.
  • Your unit isn’t making loud or strange sounds when it turns on.
  • Your energy bills are consistent and not showing elevated energy use caused from the cooling system.


Life moves quickly and without you even noticing, your air conditioner could be struggling. It’s important to take some time and do some research to find out if your a/c is working just as well as it always has, or if there are some problems that need to be addressed. If you find that your air conditioner is not in top-notch condition, have an HVAC professional come and do an inspection of your unit. They will be able to tell you if there are simple repairs that can be made to fix the problem, or if there are bigger problems to start thinking about.

How energy efficient is your air conditioning system?

As a homeowner, you likely hear about “energy efficiency” all of the time. There are many ways to improve the energy efficiency in your home, and your HVAC system is a big item on that list! Approximately 50% of a homes energy bill is attributed to it’s heating and cooling costs. If the system in your home is becoming even slightly less efficient you are sure to see this reflected in your monthly energy bill. Older units are less energy efficient that newer models. This means less repairs, lower energy bills, and a longer a/c lifespan. So while investing in a new unit might seem expensive, it will ultimately save you money in the long run.

Has your air conditioning unit been well cared for?

It might seem silly to think of having to pamper your a/c unit and give it special treatment, but if you have, your unit is likely to last much longer with fewer problems than an air conditioning unit that has been neglected. If you have had annual air conditioning tune-ups, replaced the filters frequently, kept your unit clean and well protected from the elements outside, you are likely to get many more years out of your unit than if you haven’t looked at it since it was installed. Compare it to your vehicle, what would happen if you went years without taking your car in for a tune-up or an oil change. Would you expect it to last very long? Probably not. Same goes for your air conditioning unit. Giving it a little extra TLC increases it’s life-span and improves its quality.


Replacing your Air Conditioning Unit

If you have come to the conclusion that it’s time to replace your air conditioning unit, don’t be bummed about it… it’s exciting. Replacing your older air conditioning unit with a newer model will make your home more energy efficient saving you money each month on your cooling and heating bills. It will also be much easier to cool your home without the headaches of frequent repairs. If you are ready to get started looking into your a/c replacement, we are happy to help! Give us a call at King Heating & Cooling anytime at (708) 687-6898.


Advantages of Regular A/C Maintenance

When was the last time you thought about your Air Conditioner? You know that appliance that keeps your living space comfortable and cool throughout the warmest months of summer. If you are like most people, they don’t think about their A/C unit until there is a problem. Unfortunately, by the time there is a problem, you are finding yourself in a hot house and possibly facing some pricey repair work. Your Air Conditioning unit would greatly benefit from regular maintenance the same way that your car does. Why do you take your car in for regular oil changes? To make sure that it is running efficiently and to avoid costly repairs that would be needed if the car wasn’t taken in for regular oil changes. Same goes for your A/C unit. Scheduling regular A/C Maintenance will be a benefit for you in more ways than one.

How Regular A/C Maintenance Can Benefit You

A/C maintenance is more important than you might think. In addition to helping your Air Conditioner run better and avoiding future problems, you will also be saving precious time and money.


Keeping your A/C as efficient as possible is the goal when it comes to cooling your home. During the summer month especially, your A/C unit is probably getting a lot of use! In fact, you are probably using it for a good majority of time out of every day. All of this use means that your A/C is working hard and could probably use some TLC to help it continue to do it’s job efficiently. Even if your A/C is still cooling your home, it might be having to work harder to do so if it isn’t properly maintained. What this means is that components might start to fail and your cooling costs along with the consistent temperature in your home may start to rise.


Money Savings

It’s very common to think of spending extra money when you think about regular A/C maintenance. But in fact, the opposite is true. By scheduling regular and routine maintenance on your air conditioning unit, you are saving yourself money right away as well as in the long run. An A/C unit that is properly maintained will be costing you much less every month on energy costs. 50% of your energy bill is attributed to your cooling costs and if your A/C is having to work harder to cool your home than it should then you will be watching those energy bill start to increase month after month.

Also, giving your hard working A/C unit the attention it deserves will keep it in excellent condition! This will not only help you avoid costly repairs but will extend it’s life giving you more years of cooling power before it’s time to replace your A/C unit for a new one.

Maintaining Your Warranty

It is awesome when appliances are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, but not so great when you find out that your warranty is void because of failure to regularly maintain the appliance. Many manufacturer’s warranties require the homeowner to have the Air Conditioning unit regularly tuned-up in order to keep the warranty in tact.

Consistent Cooling


It’s always frustrating during the summer months when your house is nice and cool one minute and warming up the next. Or even if your bedroom feels like an ice box, but the living room is a sauna. Inconsistent cooling is unfortunately one of the side effects of an improperly maintained air conditioning unit. Your air conditioner, when working properly, should be able to consistently maintain the desired temperature through all of the rooms in your home, keeping you from running around like a crazy person trying to gain some cooling stability. A little maintenance on that A/C unit will keep your home comfortable and cool all summer long.

Reduced Repairs

Well this one is just a given. Let your A/C unit go long enough without any sort of preventative maintenance and you are sure to encounter some problems. Your not going to avoid the dentist for years and not expect to get a cavity are you? A/C maintenance will catch problems before they begin and in most cases before they get too bad. Once your A/C needs repair, it’s likely that you will experience more repairs more frequently.

Extended Life

Your A/C unit was an investment and you want to make that investment stretch as far as you possibly can. An A/C unit that is properly maintained could have years of cooling power over a unit that has been neglected. A well maintained unit could last close to 15 years!

When to get your A/C Serviced

It is recommended that you have regular A/C maintenance done once a year. The ideal time to get it done is right before you plan on consistently using it, typically during the spring months. Scheduling it during this time will make sure that it is in the best condition to keep your home cool all summer long.

What is done during A/C maintenance?

Every HVAC company is different in their maintenance process, but we offer our customers a 40-point inspection. This includes inspecting refrigerant levels and amp draws, capacitors, motors, contractors, etc. We also give our customers a little extra and inspect their duct work to make sure that they aren’t loosing precious cool are through their duct system. We do a very thorough inspection to make sure that your A/C will continue to work efficiently throughout the summer months and will save you money on cooling costs!


Professional HVAC Companies

Finding the right HVAC company that you can trust can be difficult. It’s hard to know if you are getting exactly what you are paying for or if the company is going to try to get you to buy something you don’t really need. At King Heating & Cooling, we take care of our customers and make sure that they receive the most honest, fair, and reliable service. We would be more than happy to help you with your regular air conditioning maintenance. Please give us a call anytime (708) 687-6898.

Choosing the Right Company for Air Conditioning Repair

It seems that everywhere you go, the natives of the area are always saying how the weather is incredibly unpredictable. Well, in Chicago, that overused cliche actually happens to be true. We really never know what is going to happen from one day to another.

This is why it is important to be prepared when you need help with your Air Conditioning Unit this summer. In the heat of the summer, a small A/C issue could turn into a quick disaster! The best advice we can give you is to do your homework and find a quality Heating & Cooling company before disaster strikes.

However finding a quality Heating & Cooling Company in the Chicago area is easier said than done. Here is a guide to follow when deciding on the right company to call when the need for air conditioning repair arises.

Guide to Choosing the right A/C Repair Company

There are many things to consider when choosing an HVAC company that you can trust for your air conditioning repair. Of course you can always wait until the problem happens, then, choose one of the first companies that pops up on Google. However, to save yourself some time, money and possibly some headaches from dealing with incompetent companies, do your research before your a/c needs repair.

Experience Matters


Anytime you are having work done on your home, it is important to look for an experienced company. A company that has been around for a while is obviously doing something right. With years of industry experience, they have most likely have the hands on experience that other younger companies might be lacking. You might also find that a company who has been in business for many years will know how to treat their customers, and will be organized in their processes, making your overall experience a better one.

Guarantees on Service

It is always awesome when you can experience great service the first time; but it is a bonus when you find a company that offers guarantees or warranties on their service! Air conditioning repair is a complicated business; and any number of things can go wrong at any time. So when a company is willing to put a guarantee on their services, it means that they are confident enough in the quality of service that they provide; and they will not put the responsibility on you, if for some reason, something were to go wrong.

Quality Technicians

A company is only as good as their employees. When you find a company that invests in their employees and technicians, it means that they want the best for their customers. When scoping out air conditioning repair companies, look for indications that their technicians are NATE Certified. Also, good companies provide opportunities for their technicians to learn on a regular basis. Lastly, just like a company, technicians are wiser when they have some industry experience behind them. The company that you choose should spend the time and resources investing in their technicians.

Trusted Technician

Service Hours

As you know, when it comes to Air Conditioning Repair, Monday through Friday 8-5 does not really apply. You never know when you will need an air conditioning professional, so it is best to find a company that provides 24/7 emergency service. The air conditioning repair company that you choose should be there for you when you need them, which includes all hours of the day, weekends, and holidays. Now be careful, because some companies will claim to have 24/7 emergency service, but then they will charge you extra for repair work done outside of the normal work hours. Give the company a call if you need to and ask them up front if this emergency service comes with a larger price tag.

Makes and Models

A/C Repair is not one size fits all. There are various makes and models that a company should have the know-how and equipment, to handle. Make sure that the air conditioning company that you choose has the ability to repair all makes and models of air conditioning units.

carrier AC system


Beware when the cost of air conditioning repair seems too good to be true. As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. On the other hand you should not have to take out a loan to get your air conditioning repaired. To help with costs, some companies will even offer service specials that give you a discount. Also, try to find a company that will offer free estimates on repairs, so that you are not having to pay just to have the problem assessed.


One of the best ways to find a quality air conditioning repair company is to ask your family and friends. Even if they have had a horrendous experience, that is one company you can cross off your list and not waste your time with. People love sharing their experiences with others and passing along their favorite companies for other people to use.

King Heating & Cooling

In the search for the heating & cooling company that will meet your expectations, consider putting King Heating & Cooling on your list. We have been in business for the last 45 years; and over that time, we have been able to help thousands of people with their air conditioning repairs. Our staff and technicians focus on providing the very best service for our customers.

We provide a 1 year warranty for parts and labor for all repairs and our customers also receive a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So if for some reason, the job is not completed to your expectations the first time, we make sure to continue our work until the job is done right!

Every one of our technicians is NATE Certified and trained regularly to keep up with the most current industry knowledge. Even more than that, they are friendly professional, and will make your air conditioning repair experience as easy as possible.

We understand that it is impossible to predict when an air conditioning problem will arise. In order for us to be there for our customers when they need us the most, we offer 24 hour, 7 days a week emergency service.

We hope that you use this guide to help find the right air conditioning repair company that will give you the best overall experience. If you would like more information on King Heating & Cooling, give us a call at (708) 687-6898.