Have a professional help you locate hidden leaks

Do you have a sneaking suspicion you have a water leak somewhere in your home? If so, it’s best that you immediately call the plumbing professionals from King Heating, Cooling & Plumbing. We specialize in helping local homeowners locate hidden leaks, and we can help you get to the bottom of the issue.

Have our plumbers locate hidden leaks, including those caused by frozen pipes.

Have our plumbers locate hidden leaks, including those caused by frozen pipes.

In this blog, we’ll review some quick ways you can be on the lookout for leaks, and why you should call in the experts as soon as you suspect you have a leak in your home.

3 ways to be vigilant when it comes to leaks

Keep an eye on your bill

If your water bill has gone up but you haven’t changed how much water you use, it could be a major sign you’re in need of leak detection. Rather than keep paying more than necessary or speaking to utilities representatives who can’t pinpoint what’s going on, have a plumber come out to see what’s what and help you locate hidden leaks.

That being said, it could be a long time before your next water bill. You may not want to sit that long on a leak. If you have other reasons to suspect you have a leak, you should call King for 24/7 emergency service here in Chicagoland.

Use food coloring

Another way to determine if you have a leak is to squeeze a few drops of food coloring into your toilet tank. If food coloring ends up in the bowl without you flushing, you probably have a leak.

Sniff out the problem

Take a whiff of the air under basins, inside cabinets underneath the sink, and other areas where there’s exposed piping. If you catch the smell of mildew or mold, it could be because you have a leak.

Locate hidden leaks by calling our friendly plumbers

The reason to turn detection over to our expert plumbers is that they have all the necessary equipment, techniques, and expertise. Commonly used leak detection equipment includes:

  • Listening discs
  • Acoustic amplifiers
  • Plumbing cameras
  • Video inspection tools

Plug up leaks in your plumbing and in your spending

By allowing a leak to go on a minute longer than necessary, you’re wasting money. The investment made in a knowledgeable plumber and a treatment plan pays for itself over the years. Leave temporary or questionable fixes alone and invest in a genuine solution.

Stop leaks from ruining your finances, your home, and your peace of mind. Contact our team here at King Heating, Cooling & Plumbing to know for sure whether you have a leak and plug it up if you do. We’re here to take care of all your plumbing issues, as well as any problems you may have with your HVAC system.

How air duct cleaning can improve your IAQ and help you breathe easier

It can be distressing to learn the air you breathe inside your home may be worse than the air outside. Thankfully, a quality air duct cleaning from King Heating, Cooling & Plumbing can help improve your IAQ (indoor air quality), making it easier for you to breathe while inside your home.

To schedule your air duct cleaning here in Chicagoland, contact your friends at King.

Here’s why indoor air quality matters

Air duct cleaning can help improve your IAQ, helping those in your home who suffer from allergies.

Air duct cleaning can help improve your IAQ, helping those in your home who suffer from allergies.

Your home’s previous owner may have been lax in duct cleaning

Depending on your home’s previous owner, she or he may not have done a great job of keeping it clean. That means there’s no telling what may be up there that you and your family are breathing in. Duct cleaning allows you to inhale and exhale with ease and confidence that the air isn’t just dust and other contaminants blowing around in an endless, trapped loop.

Pests can leave behind contaminants

If you’ve ever had cockroaches, mice, or other pests in your home, they may have moved through your ducts and left behind a little gift. Droppings and other contaminants can linger long after the pest has gone, leaving you with yet another infestation to deal with—and some nasty, foul-smelling indoor air to breathe in.

Mold and mildew may be lurking in your ducts

Homes that have moisture issues are likely to have mold and mildew issues, as well. Musty smells that seem to have no source could be coming from your vents due to mildew or mold growing inside. These contaminants can do more damage to your healthy than just simply making it hard to breathe, so take care of them as soon as possible.

Your air filters may be clogged

Over time, your HVAC system’s air filters can become clogged with trapped dirt and debris.

Dust, pollen, and the like can blow through your ducts and out your vents into the air you breathe. It’s best to have your filters cleaned at the same time as when you clean your ducts to truly take care of the issue.

Reduce unnecessary spending

If it turns out that it’s your ductwork that’s making it hard for you to breathe, you may visit your doctor or buy medicine to feel better. Your doctor and a prescription may make you feel better, but—in our book—your money is better spent on a final solution rather than temporary relief.

Improve your IAQ by calling King

Do you feel like your breathing is restricted when you’re in your house? Know that the experts of King Heating, Cooling & Plumbing offer professional air duct cleaning. Contact us to learn more about the many benefits of having your ducts professionally cleaned by NATE-certified technicians.